Family Office

Motion Capital über unsMotion Capital is an independent, owner-operated family office for business owners and their families.

We assist our clients in business-related matters, guide asset management and ensure the continuity of family wealth across generations.

Our services include:

  • Preparation and execution of family-specific succession
  • Consulting in inheritance tax and testimentary issues
  • Foundation establishment and administration
  • Implementation of M&A, financing and restructuring projects in companies
  • Direct investments in companies
  • Securing leadership continuity and project success through experienced interim managers
  • Building and administration of equity interest and real estate portfolios

Discretion and independence

Discretion is our prime directive. We are owner-operated and absolutely independent.

Experience and continuity

For many years we have advised small and mid-tier business owners and their families. We administer sizeable assets and have successfully concluded over 100 company and real-estate transactions. Our advisory services are interdisciplinary, and our experience provides a sound basis for success and process effectiveness. We offer services from a single source with the highest possible level of advisor continuity.

If necessary we can call on outside specialists as well as a worldwide partner network.

We meet the challenges of discreet handling of the many different issues faced by business owners and their families in securing and expanding family assets.